"Enchantment at the piano by Maestro Brusco ... one of the best artists on the national scene "

IL TEMPO Beatrice Boero


" The Italian pianist Sebastian Brusco played beautiful works ... for an international audience that was very enchanted by its great performance ... the performance of this humble and true artist "

Morgunblaðið By Birkir Fanndal Haraldsson 


"the Brusco's playing is exceptionally beautiful ..."

Morgunblaðið Ríkarður Örn Pálsson


" Clever, charming, introverted, a talent, that of Brusco, which translates into real pleasure from being generated by to be a musician and the playing of his own piano ... Brusco obtained from the public that spontaneous recognition that worths more than any judgment of a jury "



" In the quartet with piano K 493 we had the opportunity to appreciate the piano skills of Sebastiano Brusco, who trained with Maestro Aldo Ciccolini, wonderfully set in the jewel of the musicality of four strings"

Concert at the theater Keiros - Vitadidonna : 

Stefano Maria Palmitessa


Castiglione del Lago :

" The Recital of Brusco ended the series of 10 concerts "

" ... Sebastiano Brusco pianist full of sensibility that has brushed soft sounds of the integral of the Schubert's impromptus "



" Sebastiano Brusco enchants the classical music festival of Castiglione del Lago"

" Convey emotions, to fly the minds of everybody in the immense skies of dreams" .... the professionalism of the young pianist expressed through his fingers, gave birth to an authentic magical night. The young musician has performed works by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and Chopin. Works very well-known , but everyone felt strong the creativity of the artist, which gave to the pieces something unique, particularly engaging. A cascade of melodies, of real virtuosity, created a magical atmosphere inside the walls of one of the most beautiful and rich of history  buildings of Umbria ... "

UMBRIALEFT A. Allegretti


About the CD "Colors and virtuosity of the 900 Italian "

" An extraordinary harmony, a safe technique brilliant and vigorous phrasing clear and convincing, a touch sharp and precise, a clever use of the pedal, an absolute respect for the text: everything Brusco - Scolastra allows the duo to play in an appropriate and endearing manner the Italian music of XX century"

Aldo Ciccolini


" Duo Brusco Scolastra in Zurich"

" ... In the series" Barock in Zurich " ZKO House in ... the way in which they interpreted the Fantasy Contrappuntistica of Busoni, requires admiration. With sensuality of sound, a pleasant feeling for the internal energy of the music and a strong grip, built as a monument .. "

" Neue Zurcher Zeitung " Conrad Rudolf Lienert

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